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How to Modify GRUB Bootloader version 2

I’m going to show you how can we edit and modify GRUB Bootloader version 2, as in my case, I use Windows 10 along with Kali Linux 2.0 as Multi-Booting host operating systems.

By default, Kali Linux becomes primary OS to boot into unless any interaction is given by user at Boot Menu Screen.

– In Kali Linux, or any other Linux OS being used, edit /etc/default/grub file as:

# leafpad /etc/default/grub


 I normally use Leafpad as GUI text editor, you may use any that you like. for-example: VIM, VI, NANO, GEDIT or any other.

Set Values:




This value means Default Option to boot into. 0 (ZERO) here means first one value as it starts from 0, 1, 2, 3 and so on. As I have to boot into Windows 10 by default, unless need to go into Kali, so I’ll set this option to 2. As Windows 10 is on Third line / Option on selection screen.



This option is Time duration to wait for any user interaction and go for default option. I’ll set it to 15.


– So my values will look like these:



– Save and Exit. Also, Apply these changes to GRUB, until then, GRUB will not get new values and will continue on old values. Apply settings by following command:

# update-grub


|| Done ||

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