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Bash No-IP Updater using CronJob Script Screen Capture select area 20200729161834

Bash No-IP Updater using CronJob Script

Creating this post just to save what worked for my No-IP configuration with my office’s Router for VPN configuration with FQDN & dynamic public IP.


A bash script to update the IP address of No-IP hostnames. Supports multiple hostname updates and log rotation (config_sample).


  • bash
  • curl or wget
  • GNU coreutils
  • gzip (optional, for log rotation)

Installation & Configuration

Clone the script from Repository:

git clone

Move to Bash-No-Ip-Updater Script directory:

cd bash-no-ip-updated

Rename the configuration file:

sudo cp config_sample config

Make required changes in configuration file and enter as per your settings:

sudo nano conifg

Enter following details in the configuration file:

  • Username of No-IP
  • Password of No-IP
  • FQDM or HOST configured at No-IP
Bash No-IP Updater using CronJob Script CONFIG

Save and exit. Now configuration is complete. We can test it now.


./ [-c /path/to/config] [-i]

c (optional): Path to config file (see config_sample). If this parameter is not specified, then the script will look for file config in the same directory as the script.
-i (optional): Manually set the IP address that should be assigned to the hostname(s). If this paremter is not specified, the IP address will be auto-detected by No-IP.


To automate this script, we need to add it to crontab with: crontable -e command.

Run script once each day at 5:30am:

30 5 * * * /path/to/

Run the script every fifteen minutes:

*/15 * * * * /path/to/

Note: This is a bash script, so you may need to specify


in crontab.

Bash No-IP Updater using CronJob Script Cron Job

How to Enable & Check cron logs in Ubuntu

Modify rsyslog config:

open /etc/rsyslog.d/50-default.conf
remove # before cron.*

Restart rsyslog service:

sudo service rsyslog restart

Restart cron service:

service cron restart
Bash No-IP Updater using CronJob Script Capture

NOW you can check cron log from file /var/log/cron.log

Another useful script, not tested yet:

Script to auto renew/confirm free hosts

Reference Link free hosts expire every month. This script auto clicks web pages to renew the hosts, using Python/Selenium with Chrome headless mode.

Bash No-IP Updater using CronJob Script screenshot

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